Roof sheet series

Polycarbonate sheet has a wide range of use because of its excellent feature, such as high transparent rate, which is from 25-90%. It is the good material for sky light system. And it is also the good material for roofing instead of the glass because  of 25-30 times of the glass impact strength. 

ASA Synthetic Resin tile and PVC roof tile are the good roofing material and popular use in factory roofing and house roofing etc. Its excellent corrosion resistance makes it suitable to use in any installation environment.

polycarbonate solid sheet

polycarbonate big embossed sheet

polycabronate small embossed sheet

polycarbonate frosted sheet

polycarbonate double wall sheet

crystal polycarbonate sheet

triple wall polycarbonate sheet

honeycomb polycarbonate sheet

polycarbonate corrugated sheet

ASA synthetic Resin Tile

PVC tile

FRP sheet

PVC foam tile