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The polycarbonate carport and canopy frame is made of aluminum rather than steel or iron. It makes the carport anti rust and luxury looking.

The carport roof is made of the Germany Bayer polycarbonate solid sheet rather than the glass and galvanized sheet. The anti impact ability of the polycarbonate solid sheet is the 250-300 times of the glass. The service temperature of sheet is from -40 ℃ to 120 ℃

Multiple colors of carports are available. If you want to know more, please download the PDF catalogue to refer.

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Polycarbonate carport & canopy

Single carport A01

M style carport A02

Y style carport A03

T style carport A04

Cantilever carport A05

Cantilever carport A06

single carport with wall base A07

curve roof catilever window canopy A08

flat roof cantilever window canopy A09

now post canopy A10

balcony canopy B01

L style canopy B02

R style window canopy B04

R style window canopy B03

L style window canopy B05

Solar carport structure

Excellent quality solar carport structure
strong aluminum frame
customized size and color
20 years guarantee
The material of the solar carport structure is Aluminum. Our structure size can be customized according to your solar panel size.